In the catering industry, the quality of your staff is crucially important to your overall chances of success. From head chef all the way to kitchen porters and waiting staff, each member of your team needs to be performing at a high level to establish your business as a leader in its field.

Catering recruitment can be a difficult process to pull off efficiently. Businesses need to possess a lot of knowledge and expertise in order to hire the correct staff. Additionally, recruitment can be a resource-heavy process requiring a lot of time and effort, adding an additional burden to a business.

We explore some of the best changes you can make as a catering company, to ensure your catering recruitment campaign finds the most talented staff.

There are plenty of obstacles the average catering company faces when it is trying to recruit new staff. Before you initiate your catering recruitment campaign, you need to be very clear about what exactly you are looking for. Without having any clarity on your strategy, you may end up recruiting the wrong kinds of staff.

Working with a catering agency

With so many clear advantages for companies coordinating their recruitment efforts with a catering agency, it is understandable why so many businesses do their recruitment through a professional agency.

Businesses in the catering industry tend to work with a catering agency, due to the many crucial benefits that a recruitment firm can offer:

Which catering agency is suitable for your business?

Just like many businesses, recruitment agencies can also specialise in different areas. A catering agency is a professional recruitment agency specialising in the catering industry.


For a catering company, it is very important to find a recruitment agency with a lot of experience and expertise in catering. This is because there are many unique challenges in the catering industry that must be understood in order to execute a high quality recruitment plan.