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We like working with clients over the long-term, as we can form strong working relationships and optimize our recruitment strategies for each client. This is why we offer our guarantee to all clients, both new and existing, to ensure we develop a meaningful partnership with one another.

Why Our Guarantee Matters

The average recruitment agency will not provide clients with a guarantee. But at catering jobs, we want to develop meaningful, long-term professional relationships with our clients.

Our company ethos includes:

    • Professional and friendly service
    • Close communication with all parties
    • Matching the best candidates to the right jobs
    • Offering unbeatable competitive rates
    • Fast and efficient results

By issuing our guarantee to all clients, we set the bar high for ourselves. This makes us highly motivated and dedicated to upholding all of our promises. This is why we enjoy such a prestigious reputation in the recruitment agency, with thousands of happy clients attesting to our excellence.

If you are looking to find jobs or candidates for any job openings at your business, catering jobs is the best recruitment agency for both permanent and temporary jobs.

Temping experts:

Many of our clients cherish our skill at providing temporary recruitment solutions. Temporary jobs are a fantastic way to plug any gaps at your company for the time being. Often, a business needs some time before deciding to make a temp hire a permanent one. We are experts at temp recruitment, allowing our clients and candidates the opportunity to work on temporary jobs. Our fast and efficient temp services can help you find jobs and candidates in just a matter of hours or days.


Our Guarantee

Recruitment is such an important part of any business. Bringing in the right workers can make or break a lot of businesses, so they need an expert partner to rely upon.

Right candidates: When hiring a new member of your team, it’s important to find someone who is the perfect fit. As they will be a part of your company long-term, various qualities matter including qualifications, character, and future ambitions. Our team of experts use various techniques, both conventional and innovative, to source the very best candidates available.

Competitive rates: Recruitment is extremely important, but no business wants to pay over the odds for recruitment services. This is why we strive to offer the most competitive rates in the industry for our clients. We offer the highest quality recruitment services in the UK at very affordable rates, businesses of all sizes can get their recruitment campaign off and running with us without breaking the bank.

Professional process: Without expertise in recruitment, hiring the right people or finding jobs can prove very troublesome. Many businesses and workers will have experienced lengthy, drawn-out recruiting drives that last for months. At catering jobs, we strive for speed and efficiency so our clients and job seekers aren’t waiting around for progress. Our friendly team works efficiently to get your recruitment up and running.

Urgent recruiting: In many cases, our clients are in urgent need for skilled workers and require a solution very quickly. With over a decade of experience as a recruitment agency, we help businesses hire workers very quickly in times of need. This also applies to our candidates, who will benefit from quick results during their job search.


Find Jobs With “Catering Jobs”

Getting a job isn’t easy, especially in the current climate. However, with a top-class recruitment agency on your side, your chances of landing a dream job improve dramatically. We have workers with over 50,000 candidates and counting, finding suitable jobs quickly and efficiently.

Some of the jobs we offer include:

  • Catering
  • Hospitality
  • Administrative
  • Kitchen Assistants
  • Chefs
  • Temporary jobs

With over a decade of providing recruitment solutions, 98% of our workers have reported an enjoyable experience as part of the catering jobs team.

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    There are so many lucrative opportunities in the hospitality and catering sectors, so it is worth considering a career in these areas.



    We had floods in our town and we lost our electricity. You and your team got us back up and running in no time. Thanks Avada!

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